Putting All the TinyLetters in My Pocket

Last time I posted, I lamented that I rarely read all the TinyLetters I get. Part of the reason, I think, is that my email inbox is not a great venue for the sit-down-and-pay-attention read I want to give a good newsletter. I try to read email fast and archive/delete it ASAP.

I use Pocket all the time to gather up articles to read later. After writing my post, I realized that I could put my TinyLetters in Pocket too. There are a bunch of steps so it's a little clunky, but in the week or so that I've been doing it I've read way more TinyLetters.

Here’s how I do it:

Scroll down to the bottom of the TinyLetter and click the title of the newsletter to go to the signup page.

Footer of TinyLetter email (The letter in these screenshots is from Charlie Lloyd. You should sign up, it's good.)

On the signup page, click the “View Letter Archive” link.

TinyLetter signup page

I have the Save to Pocket Chome Extension on my browser, so when I'm on the archive page I can right click the link for the letter I want to save, then save it to Pocket from the context menu.

Saving to Pocket from the Chrome context menu

When I do this from my phone, I click through to the letter and save it to Pocket through the iOS sharing menu.

Some letters don't have their archives on the signup page, so I can't do this with those letters. I'm sure there are good reasons for that, but I don't honestly know what they would be. Please tell me if you know.

Pocket Feature Request

I still have to remember to do all those steps if I want a newsletter in my Pocket. It would be fantastic if I could have a Pocket email address to sign up for newsletters with — maybe something like the Send to Kindle address? That way I could receive the newsletters directly in Pocket and skip all these steps.